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The all aluminium curtain design is constructed from double skinned roll formed aluminium with a polyurethane infill for insulation and acoustic benefits giving five times more insulating properties than a conventional steel door. The compact design of our Roller Garage Doors create extra space in your garage and on your driveway. Ideal for off-road vehicles. The Roller Garage Door is available in eight stylish colours. The durable electroplated finish eliminates the need for painting ensuring your garage door continues to look good for years representing a sound investment for your home.

New profiles have been designed to match with wood and UPVC wood effect windows. These new profiles have a laminated wood effect membrane applied to the outside face of the garage door. Colours available are Golden Oak Laminate and Mahogany Laminate.

Each Roller Garage Door is made to measure to fit your garage perfectly. Once installed your Roller Garage Door has a very low maintenance requirement and comes complete with a two-year guarantee on all manufactured parts for total peace of mind.

Contact us anytime to discuss your security needs or to answer any questions you may have, let us help you choose the correct garage door for your location. 020 8313 35 35

Flat Aluminium

Constructed from double skinned roll formed pre-stove enamelled aluminium sheet with high abrasive resistance. Manual or Automatic, operated via hand held remote control unit.

Foam fillled Flat Aluminium

Identical to Flat Aluminium Security Shutters apart from a foam infill between the sheets. Advantages include, insulation and acoustic benefit.

  Ultimate Compact
Brilliant White Jamaica Brown
Old English Cream Jet Black
Moss Green Teak
Purple Red Golden Oak
Steel Blue Mahogany


















Garage Shutter Detailed Information

Garage Shutter Security Features.

The colour-coated aluminium curtian of our garage shutters are further strengthened due to an internal insulating foam core.

All of our garage shutters have automatically operating lock-down devices to ensure that the curtain cannot be forced back around the axle.

The RollerTec automatic control unit incorporates state-of-the-art rolling code technology, to ensure that your unique encoded transmitters cannot be hijacked by external decoders.

The external face of the curtian presents a smooth surface with little chance for the potential intruder to gain access.

garage shutter foam view garage shutter top garage shutter remote control





Garage Shutter Safety Features

Remote-controlled garage shutters have a pressure-sensitive safety edge, should the door close onto an obstacle it will stop and then back up slightly to avoid damage.

If required, you can add the extra safety of an infra-red photocell beam, which prevents the door closing at all if there is anything blocking the beam.

The RollerTec automatic control unit incorporates additional software which enables the detection of any hindrance to the door when it is opening to guard against someones fingers being traped etc.

All of our garage shutters are supplied with a safety brake mechanism as part of the axle, so that in the extremely unlikely event of the door going into an uncontrolled close, it will be stopped within 300mm.

garage shutter mechanism photograph of hand safety brake





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